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The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana
Author Index

About, Edmond. The King of the Mountains (Hadji Stavros). Page 830.
Aiken, Albert W. "The Actress Detective" (Hilda Serene). Page 798.
          Fresh of Frisco. Page 335.
          "La Marmoset, the Detective Queen" (La Marmoset). Page 553.
          Joe Phenix. Page 690.
          Dick Talbot. Page 844.
Aimard, Gustav. The Border Rifles (White Scalper). Page 944.
Ainsworth, William. Guy Fawkes (John Dee). Page 208.
          Jack Sheppard (Jack Sheppard). Page 801.
          The Lancashire Witches (Alice Nutter). Page 645.
          Rookwood (Barbara Lovel, Dick Turpin). Pages 530, 873.
Al Arawiyah. Tales of the Caliph (Haroun Al-Raschid). Page 20.
Alcott, Louisa May. "The Fate of the Forrests" (Felix Stähl). Page 827.
          "Lost in a Pyramid" (Seeds). Page 793.
Alden, William L. "A Darwinian Schooner" (Monkeys). Page 588.
          "Professor van Wagener’s Eye" (Professor van Wagener). Page 924.
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey. Out of His Head (Paul Lynde). Page 535.
Allen, Grant. An African Millionaire (Colonel Clay). Page 182.
          Hilda Wade (Hilda Wade). Page 921.
          Kalee’s Shrine (Olga Trevelyan). Page 869.
          Miss Cayley’s Adventures (Lois Cayley). Page 149.
Allen, Willis Boyd. The Lion City of Africa (Lion City). Page 513.
d'Alveydre, Saint Yves. Mission to India From Europe (Agartha). Page 12.
Anonymous. "The Boy Detective" (Ernest Keen). Page 458.
          The Dance of Death (Wild Will (II)). Page 954.
The Devil’s Diamond (Richard of the Raven’s Crest). Page 742.
          "English Jack Amongst the Afghans" (English Jack). Page 288.
          Jocko Kelly. Page 464.
          The Skeleton Crew (Wildfire Ned). Page 951.
          The Skeleton Horseman (The Skeleton Horseman). Page 811.
          The Wild Boys of London (Wild Boys). Page 948.
Anstey, F. The Brass Bottle (Jinnee). Page 447.
          "Marjory" (Marjory). Page 552.
          Vice Versa (Garuda Stone). Page 344.
Antier, Benjamin.
L’Auberge des Adrets (Robert Macaire). Page 537.
Apel, Johann August. "The Fatal Marksman" (William). Page 957.
D’Arlincourt, Vicomte. Le Solitaire (Charles the Bold). Page 153.
Von Arnim, Ludwig Joachim. Isabella von Ägypten (Cornelius Nepos). Page 626.
Arnold, Edwin L. Phra the Phoenician (Phra the Phoenician). Page 693.
Atherton, Gertrude. "Death and the Woman" (Nameless Woman (II)). Page 621.
          "The Doomswoman" (The Doomswoman). Page 249.
          "The Striding Place" (Strid). Page 833.
Aubin, Napoleon. "My Voyage to the Moon" (Lunatics). Page 533.
Averill, Charles E. The Mexican Ranchero (Buena Rejon). Page 740.
Baldwin, Mrs. Alfred. "The Empty Picture Frame" (Joceline Swinford). Page 838.
Ballantyne, R.M. The Coral Island (Peterkin Gray). Page 370.
          The Giant of the North (Chingatok). Page 162.
          The Gorilla Hunters (Peterkin Gray). Page 370.
De Balzac, Honore. The Centenarian (The Centenarian). Page 151.
Pere Goriot (Monsieur Vautrin). Page 899.
Bangs, John Kendrick. Bikey the Skycycle (Jimmieboy). Page 447.
Baring-Gould, Sabine. "Margery of Quether" (Margery). Page 547.
          "Master Sacristan Eberhart" (Sacristan Eberhart) Page 272.
Barr, Robert. Jennie Baxter, Journalist (Jennie Baxter). Page 58.
Barrett, Frank. A Recoiling Vengeance (Anthony Keene). Page 464.
          Under a Strange Mask (Anthony Keene). Page 464.
Baum, L. Frank. The Master Key (Rob Joslyn). Page 452.
          Oz. Page 660.
Beaugrand, Honoré. "The Werwolves" (Werwolves). Page 936.
Beckford, William. Vathek (Vathek). Page 896.
Belot, Adolphe. A Parisian Sultana (Laura de Guéran). Page 382.
Bennett, John. Master Skylark (Master Skylark). Page 815.
Bergsoe, Vilhelm.
 "Erindringer fra en Reise med Flyvefisken ‘Prometheus’" (The
          Prometheus). Page 709.
Bierce, Ambrose. "An Inhabitant of Carcosa" (Hoseib Alar Robardin). Page 753.
          "The Damned Thing" (Damned Thing). Page 201.
          "The Death of Halpin Frayser" (Larue). Page 496.
          "The Moonlit Road" (Joel Hetman). Page 417.
          "Moxon’s Master" (Mr. Moxon). Page 602.
          "The Night Doings at ‘Deadman’s" (Hiram Beeson). Page 61.
Bird, Robert Montgomery. Nick of the Woods (Nick of the Woods). Page 636.
Blackburn, Douglas. Kruger’s Secret Service (Nameless Man (III)). Page 614.
Blackmore, R.D. Clara Vaughan (Inspector John Cutting). Page 199.
          Lorna Doone (John Ridd). Page 749.
Bloundelle-Burton, John. Denounced (Marquis de Chevagny). Page 157.
          In the Day of Adversity (Georges St. Georges). Page 348.
Blyth, Harry. Gideon Barr. Page 56.
          Sexton Blake. Page 77.
          Roland Dare. Page 204.
Bodkin, M. McDonnell. Paul Beck. Page 60.
Dora Myrl, The Lady Detective (Dora Myrl). Page 609.
          The Rebels (Lord Clare). Page 173.
Bonaventura. "The Nightwatches of Bonaventura" (Kreuzgang). Page 483.
Boothby, Guy. The Beautiful White Devil (Beautiful White Devil). Page 59.
          A Bid for Fortune (Doctor Nikola). Page 233.
          A Millionaire’s Love Story (Jacob Burrell). Page 111.
          The Mystery of the Clasped Hands (Jacob Burrell). Page 111.
          Pharos the Egyptian (Pharos). Page 689.
          A Prince of Swindlers (Simon Carne). Page 137.
Borlase, James Skipp. Blue Cap the Bushranger (Blue Cap). Page 79.
          "Mazeppa" (Zisko). Page 998.
          Ned Kelly (Ned Kelly). Page 465.
          The Night Fossickers (James Brooke). Page 95.
          "On the Queen’s Service" (Harry Dunbar). Page 261.
Böttcher, Maximilian. Victor. Page 910.

Boussenard, Louis. The Secrets of Mr. Synthesis (Monsieur Synthesis). Page 841.
          Ten Thousand Years in a Block of Ice (Monsieur Synthesis). Page 841.
Braddon, Mary Elizabeth. "The Cold Embrace" (Gertrude). Page 355.
          "Eveline’s Visitant" (André de Brissac). Page 92.
          "Good Lady Ducayne" (Lady Ducayne). Page 259.
          Three Times Dead (Joseph Peters). Page 679.
Bramah, Ernest. Kai Lung. Page 455.
Brewer, George. The Witch of Ravensworth (Ann Ramsey). Page 730.
Brown, Charles Brockden. Wieland (Theodore Wieland). Page 947.
Buchan, John. "The Watcher by the Threshold" (Watcher by the Threshold). Page 930.
Buchanan, Robert. Stormy Waters (Colonel Kingston). Page 479.
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward. The Coming Race (Vril). Page 918.
          "The Haunted and the Haunters" (Mr. Richards). Page 746.
          The Last Days of Pompeii (Arbaces). Page 36.
          Night and Morning (Monsieur Favart). Page 309.
          A Strange Story (Margrave). Page 549.
          Zanoni (Zanoni). Page 990.
Buntline, Ned. Buffalo Bill. Page 108.
Burrage, Alfred S. Spring-Heeled Jack (I-III). Page 820.
          Sweeney Todd (Sweeney Todd). Page 862.
Burrage, E. Harcourt. "Broad Arrow Jack" (Broad Arrow Jack). Page 93.
          Ching Ching. Page 161.
          "The Lambs of Littlecote" (Chunder Loo). Page 515.
Burrows, William.
Adventures of a Mounted Trooper in the Australian Constabulary
          (William Burrows). Page 111.
Burton, William. "The Secret Cell" (Mrs. L_____). Page 486.
Calaveras, Delta. Diamond Dick. Page 222.
Capes, Bernard. "The Black Reaper" (Black Reaper). Page 73.
          "An Eddy in the Floor" (Grey-Faced Man). Page 377.
          "The Vanishing House" (Vanishing House). Page 891.
Carroll, Lewis. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Alice). Page 17.
          Sylvie and Bruno (Sylvie and Bruno). Page 840.
          Sylvie and Bruno Concluded (Sylvie and Bruno). Page 840.
          Through the Looking-Glass (Alice). Page 17.
Cauvain, Henri. Maximilien Heller (Maximilien Heller). Page 407.
Chambers, Robert W. The King in Yellow (The King in Yellow). Page 476.
          "The Maker of Moons" (Yue-Laou). Page 984.
Chernyshevsky, Nikolai. What is to be Done? (Rakhmetov). Page 728.
Chesney, George. "The Battle of Dorking" (Great Britain). Page 374.
Clarétie, Jules. "The Yellow Napoleon" (Yellow Napoleon). Page 974.
Clifford, Lucy. "The New Mother" (New Mother). Page 629.
Coates, Alfred. Spring-Heeled Jack (I-III). Page 820.
Cobb, J. Weldon. "To Mars With Tesla" (Nikola Tesla). Page 850.
Cobban, J. Maclaren. "A Master of His Fate" (Julius Courtnay). Page 190.
Cole, Cyrus. The Auroraphone (Gaston Lesage). Page 510.
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" (Ancient Mariner). Page          29.
Collingwood, Harry.
The Log of the "Flying Fish." (Professor Heinrich von
          Schalckenburg). Page 784.
Collins, Wilkie. Armadale (Lydia Gwilt). Page 383.
          "The Dream Woman" (Isaac Scatchard). Page 783.
          The Moonstone (Sergeant Cuff). Page 194.
          The Woman in White (Count Fosco). Page 326.
Collodi, Carlo. The Adventures of Pinocchio (Pinocchio). Page 697.
Cooper, James Fenimore. The Last of the Mohicans (Hawkeye). Page 401.
Couvreur, André. Caresco Surhomme (Doctor Caresco).
Page 224.
          Le Mal Nécessaire (Doctor Caresco). Page 224.
Coryell, John Russell. Nick Carter. Page 141.
Cram, Ralph Adams. "The Dead Valley" (Dead Valley). Page 205. 
          "No. 252 Rue M. le Prince" (No. 252 Rue M. le Prince). Page 638.
          "Sister Maddelena" (Sister Maddelena). Page 810.
Crawford, F. Marion. "The Upper Berth" (Thing in the Upper Berth). Page 852.
Crockett, S.R. The Grey Man (Launcelot Kennedy). Page 467.
          Joan of the Sword Hand (Joan of the Sword Hand). Page 448.
Crookenden, Isaac. Fatal Secrets (Ricardo Beraldi). Page 67.
Crowe, Catherine. Adventures of Susan Hopley (Susan Hopley). Page 426.
Curties, T.J. Horsley. The Watch Tower (Morcar). Page 599.
Curtis, Wardon Allen. "The Monster of Lake LaMetrie" (Monster of Lake LaMetrie).
          Page 589.
Dacre, Charlotte. Zofloya (Victoria de Loredani). Page 520.
Danvers, Milton.
Rose Courtenay. Page 189.
          Robert Spicer. Page 819.

Davenport, Selina.
An Angel's Form and a Devil's Heart (Marchioness of A). Page 546.
Dawson, Emma. "A Stray Reveler" (Penniel’s Painting). Page 674.
Delaro, Selina. The Princess Daphne (Paul du Peyral). Page 686.
Delmas, Leon Rene. Le Cas du Dr. Plemen (William Dow). Page 253.
La Femme de Cire (William Dow). Page 253.
          Le No. 13 de la rue Marlot (William Dow). Page 253.
Dessar, Leo Charles. A Royal Enchantress (Cahina). Page 117.
Dickens, Charles. Bleak House (Inspector Bucket). Page 104.
          "No. 1 Branch Line: The Signal-Man" (Signal Man). Page 804.
Dickson, Harris. The Black Wolf’s Breed (Placide de Mouret). Page 599.
Dixon, Charles. Fifteen Hundred Miles an Hour (Professor Heinrich Hermann). Page
Donnelly, Ignatius. The Golden Bottle (Golden Bottle). Page 357.
Doroshevich, Vlas. Sonya. Page 819.
Doughty, Francis W. "The Man in the Black Cloak" (Man in the Black Cloak). Page 542.
          Mirrikh (Mirrikh). Page 585.
          Old King Brady. Page 652.
Douglas, Ellsworth. "The Wheels of Ginochio Gyves" (Ginochio Gyves). Page 387.
Doyle, Arthur Conan. Brigadier Gerard. Page 350.
          "The Final Problem" (Professor Moriarty). Page 707.
          "Los Amigos Fiasco" (Duncan Warner). Page 929.
          "Lot No. 249" (Edward Bellingham). Page 66.
          Micah Clarke (Micah Clarke). Page 179.
          "Selecting A Ghost" (Jack Brocket). Page 94.
          "A Scandal in Bohemia" (Irene Adler). Page 9.
          Sherlock Holmes. Page 423.
          Sir Nigel (Sir Nigel Loring). Page 526.
          The White Company (Sir Nigel Loring). Page 526.
Doyle, C.W. The Shadow of Quong Lung (Quong Lung). Page 721.
Drew, Sidney. "Wolves of the Deep" (Ferrers Lord). Page 517.
Von Droste-Hülshoff, Annette. The Jew’s Beech-Tree (Baron von S.). Page 768.
Dumas, Alexandre. The Count of Monte Cristo (Edmond Dantes). Page 202.
          The Leader of Wolves (Thibault). Page 851.
          The Three Musketeers (Three Musketeers). Page 857.
Du Maurier, George. Trilby (Svengali). Page 836.
Edwards, Amelia B. "The Engineer" (Matthew Price). Page 702.
          "The Four-Fifteen Express" (John Dwerrihouse). Page 267,
          "How the Third Floor Knew the Potteries" (Louis Laroche). Page 495.
          "The Phantom Coach" (The Phantom Coach). Page 688.
          "The Story of Salome" (Salome da Costa). Page 188.
Elagin, V.N. "The Tax Farm Affair" (Government Inspector). Page 367.
Ellis, Edward S. "The Huge Hunter, or the Steam Man of the Prairies" (Johnny Brainerd).
          Page 89.
Ellis, J. Breckenridge. Garcilaso (Garcilaso de la Vega). Page 902.
Ellis, T. Mullett. Zalma (Zalma von der Pahlen). Page 664.
Emmett, George. "Charity Joe" (Charity Joe). Page 152.
          Crusoe Jack (Crusoe Jack). Page 191.
Emmett, W.L. Admiral Tom, King of the Boy Buccaneers (Captain Tom Drake). Page
Enton, Harry. Frank Reade (I-III). Page 734.
Erckmann-Chatrian. "The Invisible Eye" (Fledermausse). Page 324.
          "The Mysterious Sketch" (Christian Vénius). Page 904.
          "The Spider of Guyana" (Spider of Guyana). Page 820.
Falkner, J. Meade. The Lost Stradivarius (Adrian Temple). Page 848.
Farjeon, B.L. The Mystery of M. Felix (Robert Agnold). Page 13.
          119 Great Porter Square (Robert Agnold). Page 13.
Le Faure, Georges.
The Extraordinary Adventures of a Russian Scientist (Mikhail
          Ossipov). Page 659.
          The War Under the Sea (Count Andre Petersen). Page 682.
Fawcett, E. Douglas. Hartmann the Anarchist (The Attila). Page 44.
Fawcett, Edgar. Solarion (Solarion). Page 818.
Féval, Paul. Le Bossu (Le Bossu). Page 84.
          Les Habits Noir (The Black Coats). Page 71.
          Jean Diable (Gregory Temple). Page 849.
          Vampire City (Selene). Page 794.
          The White Wolf (White Wolf). Page 945.
Flammenberg, Lawrence. The Necromancer (Volkert). Page 917.
Flaubert, Gustave.
Salammbô (Salammbô). Page 774.
Fleming, May Agnes. "The Midnight Queen" (La Masque). Page 567.
Fletcher, Grenville. Rosalviva (Leontini). Page 509.
Foote, Edward Bliss.
Sammy Tubbs, the Boy Doctor (Sammy Tubbs). Page 872.
Forrester, Jr., Andrew. The Female Detective ("G"). Page 340.
The Revelations of a Private Detective (Andrew Forrester). Page 326.
          Secret Service or Recollections of a City Detective (Andrew Forrester). Page 326.
Fortune, Mary. Mark Sinclair. Page 807.
Fox, Tom. Tom Fox (Tom Fox). Page 330.
French, Harry W. The Lance of Kanana (Kanana). Page 457.
Gaboriau, Emile. Monsieur Lecoq. Page 500.
Gautier, Théophile. "Arria Marcella" (Arria Marcella). Page 40.
          "La Morte Amoureuse" (Clarimonde). Page 176.
          "One of Cleopatra’s Nights"  (Cleopatra). Page 180.
Garnett, Richard. "The Demon Pope" (Gerbert). Page 351.
Gaskell, Elizabeth. "The Old Nurse’s Story" (Phantom Child). Page 687.
          Round the Sofa (Mrs. Dawson’s Sofa). Page 817.
Gerrare, Wirt. Phantasms (Horace Vesey). Page 907.
          Rufin’s Legacy (Madame Felician). Page 310.
Gerstäcker, Friedrich. Die Regulatoren in Arkansas (Assowaum). Page 41.
Gift, Theo. "Dog or Demon?" (Brown Dog). Page 100.
Gilbert, William. The Wizard of the Mountain (The Innominato).
Gilchrist, R. Murray "Witch In-Grain" (Michal). Page 583.
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. "The Yellow Wallpaper" (Yellow Wallpaper). Page 982.
Gleig, Charles. When All Men Starve (Mister Lampooner). Page 494.
Godwin, William. St. Leon (Reginald St. Leon). Page 773.
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. Faust (Faust). Page 306.
Gogol, Nikolai. Taras Bulba (Taras Bulba). Page 109.
          "A Terrible Vengeance" (Petro’s Descendant). Page 683.
          "Viy" (Cossack Chief’s Daughter). Page 186.
De Graffigny, Henri. The Extraordinary Adventures of a Russian Scientist (Mikhail
Grant, James. "The Phantom Regiment" (Wooden-Leg). Page 962.
Green, Anna Katherine.
That Affair Next Door (Amelia Butterworth). Page 114.
          The Circular Study (Amelia Butterworth). Page 114.
          Lost Man’s Lane (Amelia Butterworth). Page 114.
          The Leavenworth Case (Ebenezer Gryce). Page 379.
Green, William Child. The Abbot of Montserrat (Obando). Page 647.
Greenwood, James. "King Lion" (King Lion). Page 478.
Greer, Tom. A Modern Daedalus (Jack O’Halloran). Page 647.
Greg, Percy. Across the Zodiac (Apergy). Page 35.
Griffith, George. The Angel of the Revolution (Natas). Page 624.
          The Knights of the White Rose (Eustace Ferrers). Page 313.
          The Outlaws of the Air (Sir Hiram Maxim). Page 571.
          Valdar the Oft-Born (Valdar). Page 886.
          "A Visit to the Moon" (Rollo Aubrey). Page 46.
Grifoni, Ulisse.
Dalla Terra alle Stelle (Alberto C.) Page 117.
Groller, Balduin. Dagobert Trostler. Page 872.
Gröner, Auguste. "The Golden Bullet" (Joseph Müller). Page 605.
Grove, W. A Mexican Mystery (The Engine). Page 286.
The Wreck of a World (The Engine). Page 286.
Gunter, Archibald Clavering. Mr. Barnes, American (Burton Barnes). Page 55.
          Mr. Barnes of New York (Burton Barnes). Page 55.
Guo Guangrui. Storyteller’s Jigong (Jigong). Page 445.
Haggard, H. Rider. Allan Quatermain (Allan Quatermain). Page 717.
          King Solomon’s Mines (Allan Quatermain). Page 717.
          She (Ayesha). Page 48.
Halsey, Harlan P. "Cad Metti" (Cad Metti). Page 579.
          "Dudie Dunne" (Cad Metti). Page 579.
          "The Lady Detective" (Kate Goelet). Page 356.
          "Lady Kate, the Dashing Female Detective" (Lady Kate). Page 493.
          Old Sleuth. Page 657.
Hauff, Wilhelm. The Caravan (Orbasan). Page 658.
Hawker, R.S. "The Botathen Ghost" (Dorothy Dinglet). Page 223.
Hawthorne, Julian. "Ken’s Mystery" (Ethelind Fionguala). Page 322.
Hawthorne, Nathaniel. "The Artist of the Beautiful" (Owen Warland). Page 927.
          "Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment" (Doctor Heidegger). Page 227.
          "Rappaccini’s Daughter" (Doctor Rappaccini). Page 238.
          "Roger Malvin’s Burial" (Reuben Bourne). Page 85.
          "Young Goodman Brown" (Goodman Brown). Page 97.
Hayward, William S. The Black Angel (Black Angel). Page 70.
          The Cloud King (Victor Volans). Page 915.
          The Rebel Privateer (Black Angel). Page 70.
          The Star of the South (Black Angel). Page 70.
Hearn, Lafcadio. "Mujina" (Mujina). Page 604.
          "Yuki-Onna" (Yuki-Onna). Page 985.
Heine, Heinrich. "Atta Troll" (Atta Troll). Page 870.
Hemyng, Bracebridge. "Dick Lightheart, or the Scapegrace at Sea" (Captain Nemo (II)).
          Page 130.
Jack Harkaway. Page 397.
Revelations of a Lady Detective (Mrs. Paschal). Page 672.
Heron, E. and H.
Ghosts; Being the Experiences of Flaxman Low (Flaxman Low). Page
Heron-Allen, Edward. The Princess Daphne (Paul du Peyral). Page 686.
Hichens, Robert. "How Love Came to Professor Guildea" (Nameless Woman (I)). Page
Hill, Headon. The Divinations of Kala Persad (Kala Persad). Page 677.
          Sebastian Zambra. Page 989.
Hoffmann, E.T.A. "The Entail" (Roderick von R---). Page 724.
          "Mademoiselle de Scudéry" (Mademoiselle de Scudéry). Page 790.
          "The Sand-Man" (Doctor Coppelius). Page 225.
Hoffmann, Heinrich.
Pleasant Stories and Funny Pictures (Shock-Headed Peter). Page
Hoffmann, Oskar. Mac Milford’s Trip Through the Universe (Mac Milford). Page 583.
Hogg, James. The Three Perils of Man (Michael Scott). Page 789.
Holmberg, Eduardo Ladislao. Viaje Maravilloso Del Senor Nic-Nac (Senor Nic-Nac).
          Page 634.
Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Elsie Venner (Elsie Venner). Page 905.
Hook, S. Clarke. Pete. Page 678.
Hope, Anthony. The Prisoner of Zenda (Rudolf Rassendyll). Page 731.
          Rupert of Hentzau (Rudolf Rassendyll). Page 731.
Hope, Lady Esther. The Blue Dwarf (Blue Dwarf (I & II)). Page 80.
Hornung, E.W. A.J. Raffles. Page 725.
Housman, Clemence. "The Were-Wolf" (Christian). Page 163.
Hudson, W.H. Green Mansions (Rima). Page 751.
Hughes, Thomas. Tom Brown’s Schooldays (Tom Brown). Page 98.
Hugo, Victor. Bug-Jargal (Habribah). Page 389.
          Han d’Islande (Hans of Iceland). Page 396.
          Notre Dame de Paris (Quasimodo). Page 716.
Hulme-Beaman, Emeric. Ozmar the Mystic (Ozmar). Page 662.
Hume, Fergus. Hagar of the Pawnshop (Hagar Stanley). Page 827.
Hunt, Leigh. The Rebellion of the Beasts (John Sprat). Page 824.
Hyne, C.J. Cutcliffe. Captain Kettle. Page 124.
          Prince Rupert the Buccaneer (Prince Rupert). Page 705.
D’Ivoi, Paul.
La Capitaine Nilia (Armand & Robert Lavarede). Page 499.
          Cigale en Chine (Cigale). Page 170.
Les Cinq Sous de Lavarede (Armand & Robert Lavarede). Page 499.
          Le Corsaire Triplex (Armand & Robert Lavarede). Page 499.
          Le Cousin de Lavarede (Armand & Robert Lavarede). Page 499.
          Docteur Mystere (Cigale, Doctor Mystery). Pages 170, 233.
          Massiliague de Marseille (Cigale). Page 170.
          Les Semeurs de Glace (Cigale). Page 170.
Ireland, William Henry. The Abbess (Vittoria Bracciano). Page 88.
          Gondez the Monk (Gondez). Page 359.
Jacobs, W.W. "The Brown Man’s Servant" (Brown Man). Page 101.
          "The Monkey’s Paw" (Monkey’s Paw). Page 587.
James, Henry. "The Turn of the Screw" (Governess). Page 364.
James, M.R. "Canon Alberic’s Scrap Book" (Demon of the Night). Page 211.
          "Count Magnus" (Count Magnus de la Gardie). Page 342.
          "Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad" (Professor Parkins). Page 671.
James, W.I. "Heller’s Pupil" (Seligman). Page 795.
James, Jr., William I. Old Cap. Collier. Page 651.
Jane, Fred T. Blake of the Rattlesnake (Lt Edward Blake). Page 75.
          The Violet Flame (Violet Flame). Page 911.
Jarry, Alfred. Ubu. Page 877.
Jefferies, Richard. Bevis (Bevis). Page 69.
          Wood Magic (Bevis). Page 69.
Jenkins, Edward. A Week of Passion (Doctor Schultz). Page 240.
Jerome, Jerome K. "The Dancing Partner" (Lieutenant Fritz). Page 336.
          "Silhouettes" (Nameless Child). Page 611.
Jewett, Sarah Orne. "The Gray Man" (Gray Man). Page 372.
          "Lady Ferry" (Lady Ferry). Page 314.
Johnson, William Henry. King or Knave, Which Wins? (Henry of Navarre). Page 407.
Johnston, Mary. To Have and To Hold (Ralph Percy). Page 675.
Jókai, Mór. The Corsair King (Robert Barthelemy). Page 57.
          The Novel of the Next Century (Ichor). Page 436.
Kellett, E.E. "Self-Haunted" (Nameless Man (VI)). Page 619.
          "The Tables Turned" (Mr. Gespenst) Page 356.
Kenealy, Arabella. "Some Experiences of Lord Syfret" (Lord Syfret). Page 839.
Kingsley, Charles. Hereward the Wake (Hereward the Wake). Page 409.
          Hypatia (Raphael Aben-Ezra). Page 6.
          The Water Babies (Tom). Page 867.
          Westward Ho! (Amyas Leigh). Page 506.
Kipling, Rudyard. Kim (Kim). Page 471.
          "The Mark of the Beast" (The Silver Man). Page 804.
          Mowgli. Page 602.
          "The Phantom Rickshaw" (Agnes Wessington). Page 937.
          ".007" (.007). Page 1001.
Kirby, William. The Golden Dog (Pierre Philibert). Page 690.
von Kleist, Heinrich. "The Beggarwoman of Locarno" (The Beggarwoman). Page 64.
          "The Foundling" (Nicolo). Page 635.
Klopstock, Friedrich. Der Messias (Abbadona).
Kuppord, Skelton. A Fortune From the Sky (Panergon). Page 669.
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          Page 607.
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          Wye). Page 74.
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          "The Red Hand" (Dyson, Little People). Pages 269, 514.
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Beverly of Graustark (Graustark). Page 368.
          Graustark (Graustark). Page 368.
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Stories from the Diary of a Doctor (Doctor Halifax). Page 227.
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M’Govan, James.
Brought to Bay; or, Experience of a City Detective (James M’Govan).
          Page 582.
          Strange Clues (James M’Govan). Page 582.
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De Mille, James. A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder (Kosekin). Page
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Martin Hewitt. Page 418.
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Mulholland, Rosa. "The Ghost at the Rath" (Madeleine, Lady Thunder). Page 858.
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          "Not to be taken at Bed Time" (Coll Dhu).
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          "Man-Size in Marble" (Knights in Marble). Page 480.
          The Story of the Amulet (Psammead). Page 714.
Nguyen Dinh Chieu.
Luc Vân Tien (Luc Vân Tien). Page 532.
Nguyen Du.
Kim Vân Kieu. (Kieu). Page 470.
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Oshikawa Shunro. Kaitei Gunkan (Captain Sakuragi). Page 133.
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          "When I Was Dead" (Alistair). Page 19.
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          The Crime of the Century (Jack Barnes and Leroy Mitchell). Page 56.
Ouida. Under Two Flags (Cigarette). Page 170.
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Pallander, Edwin. Across the Zodiac (Captain Chlamyl). Page 121.
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          "The Wheels of Ginochio Gyves" (Ginochio Gyves).
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          The Iron Pirate (Captain Black). Page 120.
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Poe, Edgar Allan. "The Black Cat" (Pluto). Page 699.
          "The Fall of the House of Usher" (Roderick Usher). Page 883.
          "Metzengerstein" (Frederick, Baron Metzengerstein). Page 580.
          "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" (C. Auguste Dupin). Page 263.
          "The Mystery of Marie Roget" (C. Auguste Dupin). Page 263.
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Polidori, John. Ernestus Berchtold (Count Filiberto Doni). Page 246.
          "The Vampyre" (Lord Ruthven). Page 764.
Ponson du Terrail, Pierre Alexis. Rocambole. Page 757.
Pope, Gustavus W. Journey to Mars (Lieutenant Frederick Hamilton). Page 395.
          Journey to Venus (Lieutenant Frederick Hamilton). Page 395.
Porter, Jane. The Scottish Chiefs (William Wallace). Page 925.
Post, Melville Davisson. The Corrector of Destinies (Randolph Mason). Page 565.
          The Man of Last Resort (Randolph Mason). Page 565.
The Strange Schemes of Randolph Mason (Randolph Mason). Page 565.
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Potter, Robert. The Germ Growers (Robert Easterley). Page 271.
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Quiller-Couch, A.T. "The Laird’s Luck" (Elspeth’s Son). Page 284.
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          "The Roll Call of the Deep" (John Christian). Page 166.
          "The Seventh Man" (The Seventh Man). Page 799.
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          The Mysteries of Udolpho (Count Montoni). Page 590.
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Reade, Charles. The Cloister and the Hearth (Gerard Eliasson). Page 282.
Reade, Philip. Kiang Ho. Page 469.
          Tom Edison, Jr. Page 278.
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          The Scalp Hunter (Henry Haller). Page 393.
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Richmond: Scenes in the Life of a Bow Street Runner (Tom Richmond).  Page
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          "A Terrible Vengeance" (Lucy Heath). Page 403.
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Ross, Charles H. Charley Wag (Charley Wag). Page 921.
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          Ruth the Betrayer (Ruth the Spy). Page 761.
          Ally Sloper. Page 816.
          Wild Will (Wild Will (I)). Page 953.
Rowcroft, Charles. The Triumphs of Woman (Zarah). Page 992.
Rymer, James Malcolm. Blueskin (Blueskin). Page 83.
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          Edith the Captive (Edith Tarleton). Page 846.
          Sweeney Todd (Sweeney Todd). Page 862.
          Varney the Vampyre (Sir Francis Varney). Page 892.
St. John, Percy Bolingbroke. The Blue Dwarf (Blue Dwarf (I & II)). Page 80.
Salgari, Emilio. Sandokan. Page 776.
Savage, Richard Henry. The Anarchist (Professor Carl Stein). Page 832.
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Die Räuber (Karl von Moor). Page 593.
Schwob, Marcel. "The King in the Golden Mask" (King in the Golden Mask). Page 475.
          "Septima, Enchantress" (Septima). Page 797.
          "Sufrah, Geomancer" (Sufrah). Page 834.
Scott, Maxwell. Nelson Lee. Page 503.
Scott, Sir Walter. The Black Dwarf (Black Dwarf). Page 72.
          Guy Mannering (Meg Merrilies). Page 576.
          Ivanhoe (Ivanhoe). Page 440.
          Rob Roy (Rob Roy). Page 760.
          "Wandering Willie’s Tale" (Sir Robert Redgauntlet). Page 738.
          Waverley (Edward Waverley). Page 933.
Sealsfield, Charles. Tokeah; or the White Rose (Tokeah). Page 865.
Senarens, Luis. Frank Reade (I-III). Page 734.
          Jack Wright. Page 966.
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Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein (Victor Frankenstein). Page 331.
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Shiel, M.P. Prince Zaleski (Prince Zaleski). Page 987.
          "Vaila" (Vaila). Page 885.
          The Yellow Danger (Doctor Yen How). Page 241.
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Shorthouse, J.H. Sir Percival (Virginia Clare). Page 175.
Sienkiewicz, Henryk. Quo Vadis (Petronius). Page 684.
          With Fire and Sword (Yan Skshetuski). Page 813.
Sims, George R. Dorcas Dene (Dorcas Dene). Page 214.
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Soulié, Frédéric.
La Comtesse de Monrion (Felina de Cambure). Page 119.
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          "In the Maguerriwock" (Mr. Furbush). Page 337.
          "Mr. Furbush" (Mr. Furbush). Page 337.
Stephens, Robert Neilson. Captain Ravenshaw (Captain Ravenshaw). Page 132.
          An Enemy to the King (Ernanton de Launay). Page 497.
          The Road to Paris (Dick Wetheral). Page 938.
Stevenson, Robert Louis. The Black Arrow (Black Arrow).
          Kidnapped (David Balfour). Page 53.
          The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Edward Hyde). Page 432.
          "Thrawn Janet" (Thrawn Janet). Page 856.
Stewart, Ritson & Stanley. The Professor’s Last Experiment (Marsman). Page 556.
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Thomson, Richard. Tales of an Antiquary (Ptolemy Horoscope). Page 429.
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          "Der Blonde Eckbert" (Eckbert). Page 274.
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          "Wake Not The Dead" (Brunhilda). Page 102.
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Verne, Jules. Around the World in Eighty Days (Phileas Fogg). Page 325.
          Facing the Flag (Fulgurator). Page 337.
          Journey to the Center of the Earth (Professor Lidenbrock). Page 511.
          Master of the World (Robur). Page 754.
          Robur the Conqueror (Robur). Page 754.
          The Steam House (Steam House). Page 831.
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Captain Nemo (I)). Page 126.
Viles, Edward. Black Bess (Captain Hawk, Dick Turpin). Pages 124.
          The Black Highwayman (Captain Hawk).
          Blueskin (Blueskin).
Villiers de l’Isle Adam. Axël (Axël). Page 47.
          "The Brigands" (Fiddler). Page 316.
          Eve of the Future (Hadaly). Page 389.
          "The Torture of Hope" (Pedro Arbuez d’Espila). Page 296.
          "Véra" (Comte d’Athol). Page 43.
Vulpius, Christian.
Rinaldo Rinaldini, der Räuberhauptmann (Rinaldo Rinaldini). Page
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          The First Men in the Moon (Professor Cavor). Page 147.
          The Invisible Man (The Invisible Man). Page 437.
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          The Time Traveller (Time Traveller). Page 861.
          The War of the Worlds (Martians (II)). Page 562.
Weyman, Stanley. From the Memoirs of a Minister of France (Duc de Sully). Page 834.
          A Gentleman of France (Gaston de Marsac). Page 554.
          The Red Cockade (Vicomte de Saux). Page 778.
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          Deadwood Dick). Pages 119, 206.
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          "New York Nell, the Boy-Girl Detective" (New York Nell). Page 634.
          "Photograph Phil" (Baltimore Bess). Page 68.
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Zévaco, Michel. Pardaillan. Page 670.
Zschokke, Heinrich. Abällino der Große Bandit (Abällino). Page 1.

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